We are working Hand in Hand with our Selected Growers and Seed Company’s in testing new varieties that will give us the desired internal qualities we need while at the same time varieties that have the disease resistance necessary to be grown on the East Coast of the United States.

Says Founder and President Larry D. Puma:  “I love this sector of the Produce Industry.  Most times, Shippers do not understand the nature of our business.  Just because we place internal quality parameters above the visual aesthetic qualities, they think they can just throw on all their old, overripe and problematic lots that they cannot sell to their Retailers on the Processors trucks because they are going to “Cut” them up.  They think they can get away with it. That’s where we come in.  We select only the lots that have all the parameters our customers are looking for at the reduced price we need.


NAAM Produce, Inc

We take pride at Naam Produce, Inc. for our continuing service to the processing industry. We have been providing product to the Cutting Industry for 10 years now.

As a Processor we understand In addition to the requirements of Freshness, Color, Size Consistency, Flavor, Food Safety and Timely Delivery the importance for internal qualities of Pressure, Sugar and Color.  Our goal is to satisfy your needs for the best quality available at the best price possible.  

There is definitely a need for our service. It offers the customer a 3rd Party independent service to guarantee they are getting what they need, not what the Shippers want to give them.


From our day to day procedures of testing incoming lots for Pressure, Sugar, Color, Seed Cavity and Flavor, we provide our customers with a continuous supply of quality melons by selecting the best lots available for our customers’ needs at the very best price.  We thank our Customers and Partners for their helpful feedback information and participation making it possible for us to continue supplying their processing needs and staying within their acceptable parameters making a win-win situation for all concerned.


November 5th /10th, thru June 1st we source from Central America (Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica).  We have direct contracts with our Growers and we receive Melons in South Florida via Containerized Ships in both 1000 lb Bins and also in Palletized Cartons.  We also buy direct from Importers when we are short of our own Product, after inspecting for the internal specs we require for Pressure, Sugar and Color.  This is where our Headquarters are and where we fully inspect and test our Melons before shipping.

June 1st thru September 1st   we have several Growers/ partners in Georgia, S. Carolina, and N Carolina. This gives us the ability to ship quality Cantaloupe varieties that are grown for us with excellent Pressure, Sugar, and Color, during the critical summer months from various sources on the East Coast, giving us a tremendous freight advantage.

September 1st thru November 15th.  Arizona and So.California.